1. Tetramania
    Tetramania is a piece that I wrote largely as an experimental project. This is the first serious piece I that I’ve written for electronic media, and my ultimate goal was to see how much of a variety of sound/timbres I could create with a single original sound file. The original sound itself is a four-note motive that I recorded on an acoustic piano (F-C-E-B in descending motion). I then manipulated this piano sound in a wide variety of ways, including pitch and frequency manipulation to adding reverb and harmonic amplification..
  2. Quartet No. 1 in C Minor
    Sarah Grace Bindrim, Violin I Ryan Tolentino, Violin II Rebecca Sinclair Kim, Viola Steven Farr, Cello
  3. Two Preludes for Violin and Viola
    Premiered at the 2017 Snowpond Composers Workshop. Maya Bennardo, Violin; Hannah Levinson, Viola
  4. Interlocution (for Solo Marimba)
  5. Commercial Idea 1
  6. String Warm-Up 1
  7. Two Parts
    Jenna Poppe, piano
  8. Winter
    Kelly Hart, soprano; Jenna Poppe, piano
  9. Nescio
    For mixed ensemble
  10. Heroes
    For Brass Quintet